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Author Topic: Отчет о работах в датацетре за последний месяц.  (Read 4339 times)
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« on: June 17, 2008, 07:30:48 PM »

Email от 16 Июня вечер из датацентра.

As you are most likely aware, we've had some network issues this month:

1. 6/6/2008 outage lasted from 4:45pm EST time to 6:40pm EST time

2. 6/11/2008 4 short outages during the day lasted about 5 minutes each

3. 6/16/2008 1 short outage that lasted about 5 minutes.

The first outage was cause by cascading failure of aggregation switch. While Cisco provided hardware within about hour and 15 minutes it took another 30 minutes to install it. Since then we've noticed that one of the processor cards has memory issues (the 2nd outage on 6/11) and failed completely on 6/11/2008. We've been able to make these as short as possible (5 to 10 minutes) as redundant processors take over. We've received replacement for the bad card on 6/11/2008 and we were scheduling to replace it that tonight at 11pm without any outage, however the card decided to fail earlier. Since it failed and redundant card took over, we've replaced the buggy card with a new one and network stability was going to be back to normal.

After extensive testing of the network we've identified additional memory leak issue with the Cisco IOS software new cards were running. This has caused today failover to the backup process again.

We are forced to schedule an emergency maintenance today as we reload each processor card on the aggregation router with new Cisco IOS version that fixes the memory leak causing instability.

The maintenance will begin approximately 11pm US Eastern time and will end no later than 12am.

Even though it's 1 hour window, the network will stay up and during this maintenance window you will experience 2 short (up to 5 minutes) outages.

In the past we've kept our network as stable as possible with many months of 100% uptime, however recent events created sub-optimal network stability and total of 2 hours and 30 minutes of downtime (as reported by internal and external monitoring systems) which represents 0.003472% downtime and 99.996528% uptime for this month. While this is within our SLA limits (99.99% network uptime) and we don't expect any further problems from now on, should this change and fall below 99.99% you will receive SLA credit.  While this emergency maintenance window does not count against the SLA, we feel that it’s important to notify our client and that this will be the final fix to restore the network stability and achieve 100% monthly uptime again.

И сегодня сутра 17 июня.. Окончание работ.

We have completed the maintenance at aprox 12:06am US EST time. All work was completed successfully and aggregation routers perform as expected. We’ve also tuned redundancy settings which will minimize any failure to sub minute levels.

We will monitor our network performance very closely for any possible side effect of tonight’s changes, however all test are showing that our stability has been restored and additional improvements are in place to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.

If for any reason, you still see any of your services being down, please notify us immediately, however at this point our internal and external monitoring system report no issue with any services and performance levels within our set parameters.

We apologize for any inconvenience recent network events might have caused. Please examine your SLA levels and contact our billing department if we’ve not met uptime/performance agreement we have with you.

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